Jimmy Breslin at KGB Bar tonight


Once a month, former Voicer and current New York scribe Mark “American Gangster” Jacobson puts on a racuous “radio” show at the KGB Bar on East 4th Street.

We put “radio” in quotes for several reasons: not only does the program not go out over the air (a podcast is produced, which will promptly be buried on the KGB bar’s website), but Jacobson has a pretty bizarre notion of what a radio program is all about. At previous shows, he’s held fashion shows and burlesque acts, and doesn’t seem bothered in the least when someone inevitably asks — how are listeners supposed to know what’s going on?

That’s not the point, really. But if you’re one of the fortunate few who manage to cram into the small upstairs bar to see this thing live, you’re usually in for a treat. Jacobson always overbooks so badly that half of the audience ends up getting behind the microphones with him. Recent guests, who have had to share “air” time with street musicians, stand-up comics and various and sundry writers and filmmakers, have included Jules Feiffer, Steve Earle (who performed), and Daily News columnist Michael Daly.

Tonight, Jacobson has somehow convinced Jimmy Breslin to join his circus. If you’re in the East Village looking for an early-evening diversion, come by for the cacaphony. The show starts at 7:30.


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