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Live-Blogging Jimmy Breslin at KGB Radio Hour


Jimmy Breslin just told a woman who offered him a lap dance to “jump out the window — I want to see her guts flattened.”

And he meant it. He wasn’t happy that he’d been interrupted during a long recitation from his next book, a work-in-progress about Branch Rickey, the Brooklyn Dodgers exec who hired Jackie Robinson to break baseball’s color barrier.

But the crowded room at the KGB bar maybe wasn’t the best setting for an extended reading from Breslin; most of the folks here were probably just hoping he’d offer a few diverting anecdotes. (And eventually he did.) But someone thought it might be a good idea to interrupt his recitation with an offer of an exotic dance.

He didn’t appreciate it.

“The newspapers are gone,” he offered later after he’d calmed down from the interruption. What’s the point of being miserable over the decline of newspapers? There’s no point in worrying about it.

So it goes in tonight’s KGB radio hour, an unpredictable monthly show at the East 4th Street institution that’s neither on the radio nor an hour long (it’s longer).

As usual, host Mark Jacobson has booked way too many guests — three different music acts, film critic Armond White, filmmaker Slava Tsukerman, and who knows how many more folks will be handed the microphone — when Breslin is more than enough to keep us all entertained.

With no end in sight, Breslin has had enough. When the dancer was mentioned again, Breslin said, “I admire her guts.”

Photo (cc) haglundt.

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