The government goes through Pee-wee Herman’s private collection of erotic (under-age) art, but somehow Neue Galerie gets a free pass to hang more than 100 works by the early-20th-century German expressionist art group Brücke. Brücke artists, such as Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, were known to frequently use young girls as models. To raise the stakes at this exhibition, which is on through June, the museum shows films every Monday that address the taboo subject of young love. Today’s offering is Louis Malle’s Pretty Baby, which stars Brooke Shields—the Dakota Fanning of 1978—making her film debut as the, ahem, career-minded daughter of a prostitute (Susan Sarandon). Malle caused a stir for filming Shields nude, which was cut out of some releases, but Neue Galerie is showing the unedited version, featuring a whole three minutes of Shields’s bare, bony, 12-year-old flesh.

Mon., March 16, 4 p.m., 2009