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Mitchell-Rose Special Election Recount Goes Very Slowly | Village Voice

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Mitchell-Rose Special Election Recount Goes Very Slowly


Shoot. We were all excited because today is recount day in the February 24 special election to replace new congressman Michael McMahon on the city council, in which Debi Rose and Kenneth Mitchell were thisclose. It’s like opening up a fresh box of brand new democracy! But now the Advance tells us the recount may take two weeks. There were about 10,000 ballots (all paper, due to the late re-entry of John Tabacco to the race). Mitchell led at last count by 91 votes. If he pulls it out, he’ll be the second of the three council special election winners to succeed their bosses: Julissa Ferreras was Hiram Monserrate’s chief of staff, as Mitchell was McMahon’s. (Eric Ulrich, who replaced Joe Addabbo, was a GOP district leader; Addabbo’s chief of staff failed to make the ballot.) If Rose (pictured) wins, she’ll be the first black elected official in Staten Island history.



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