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More Sex Advice for Village Single Girl


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August 9, 1962, Vol. VII, No. 42

Greenwich St. Peaches

Dear Sir:

Stephanie Gervis, for all I know, might make Ava Gardner look like a bag and a prude in the bargain.

However, it seems to me that sex in the Village is like sex anywhere. It is where you find it, and the more you look for it, the less likely you are apt to succeed. This is known as Vaillancourt’s law. Women ar not met. They are encountered…usually under circumstances that preclude anything beyond a mild hand-hold in the shared taxi from Idlewild.

Females in the Village APPEAR to be more willing than other New York women, but they bog down in debate, procrastination, and unabashed scratching which does less than little toward furthering romance. They are generally sharp without being intelligent, knowing without being knowledgeable, literary without being seductive. For good measure, permit me to throw in one more fault: they are too bloody self centered.

If Village women want to improve their lot, permit Olde Dadde to recommend the following: 1) Shower at least once a day, 2) Jettison the damned sandals and wear shoes, 3) Dispense with the fake paint-smeared levis and wear dresses or skirts — also stockings, 4) Speak when spoken to (isn’t this what you’re looking for, after all?) 5) Cease being teasers — if you don’t want my peaches, please don’t shake my tree.
–Armand Vaillancourt, Greenwich Street

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