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Obama at 60% Approval in Poll; Rightbloggers Declare Fraud


There has been an enormous loss of jobs in Obama’s first month in office and several market reversals, and 76 percent of those surveyed in an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll think the economy will get worse. But the poll still shows President Obama with 60 percent approval and 67 percent favorability ratings. 41 percent think the country’s headed in the right direction — not great, but up from 26 percent in January. The Republican Party, in contrast, finds its favorability “at an all-time low.”

Rightbloggers labor to understand why a desperate nation is willing to give a charismatic new president such trust. Many, expectedly, dismiss the poll as a fraud.

Macmind notes that more Democrats than Republicans were surveyed, which, though there are more Democrats than Republicans in the nation as well, he finds proof of a plot. “I knew the media is drinking the Obama Juice, but now they’re getting drunk on it,” he says. “Little wonder no one trusts them and they are going bankrupt.”

The Other McCain is outraged to discover the poll surveyed “Random adults! Not ‘registered voters.’ Certainly not ‘likely voters.’ Just random adults.” Of course he was not happy with the methodology of the November 4 Obama poll, either.

“The ‘poll shows gap between popularity of president and his policies,'” says Battling Conservative Correctness. “Now what kind of jourlinistic [sic] shit is this??? This is total crap and MSNBC knows this. They know lots of people skim the headlines and want to make Obama look good. How can he look good?” etc.

Power Line is uninterested in such polls, asserting that the only one that matters is the one controlled by stockbrokers or, as they affectionately refer to it, “Mr. Market.”

Others put their hope in future disasters. “I’m thinking if things keep going south and the gravity mentioned below does kick in we might eventually see a very sudden drop,” optimistically concludes Riehl World View.

“Silver lining: 53 percent now say the Iraq war has been very or somewhat successful, up 10 points from last year,” says Hot Air. “So Bush may yet have a legacy even if we, er, never get elected again.”


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