On Lisa Hannigan’s Sea Sew


“I like the sound of the words ‘Sea Sew’…I thought it sounded slightly child-like but not–and very strange,” explains Irish indie/folk singer Lisa Hannigan about how she chose the title of her first solo album. To describe the artist in the same vein wouldn’t be too far off the mark. The 28 year-old chanteuse–who just ended a long-time musical partnership with Damien Rice–sings with the same angelic translucence as Bjork. But as soon as you tune into her lyrics, Hannigan reveals herself to be an artist who’s disarmingly original, youthful, and endearingly idiosyncratic. Who else compares their lover’s sadness to ‘a pre-shelled pistachio’ and pins his words to her ‘fingerless gloves/green and prone to fraying’? Her album is sensory paradise–sprinkled with alliteration and honeycombed with warm, romantic imagery. Hannigan touches down at the Highline Ballroom March 7. “It feels like a dream,” she says, via cellphone, about her months on the road. So does Sea Sew, if you ask us.

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