Pix from La Superior


This week’s Counter Culture covers La Superior, a Williamsburger Mexican restaurant that adapts a pan-national menu for New York tastes, a feat we dub “Goth-Mex,” short for “Gothamite-Mexican.” Despite a general dearth of chiles, the food is very Mexican, expertly juggling cacti, masa, and beans.

One highpoint are the tinga tacos, three to an order:

A selection of the Mexican fondues called queso fundidos regales you with dippable cheesy goodness. This one is topped with chorizo:

In this slightly out-of-focus shot (don’t blame me, my hands were covered with salsa), we see a biweekly special of tlaycoyos, a boat-shaped pre-Columbian blue masa pancake from Puebla surmounted by avocado and oodles of fresh cactus.

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