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Quick Hits – 3/4/2009


If you bought a Mr. Softee cone in Sunnyside or Woodside last summer, it might have been fake. A federal judge rules that Akop Papazian and the M. Pete Soft Ice Cream Corporation used the Softee logo under false pretenses. Get ready for the class-action lawsuit!

How Not to Find a Jewish Wife in New York, #3: “Don’t bump into a woman as hard as you can and then, before apologizing for your intentional rudeness, you ask, ‘Are you Jewish?'”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel poses with a sex toy robot at a Darmstadt University of Technology summit. (h/t Phineas.)

Mixed news for Met fans: Manny Ramirez is staying with the Dodgers. But a judge told Art Shamsky’s wife to shut up about his alleged bisexual swinging and genital warts.

Purim fever continues with “the most happening Purim Bash in Windsor Terrace!” Includes “All you can drink L’chaim’s!” (What would Rabbi Weinreb say?) Photo (cc) Jeff Keen.



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