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Sound Off to Obama! (Not That He’s Listening)


Twitter is taking over the world in part because no one has an attention span anymore. Most folks don’t want to write or read more than the 140-word limit of a tweet.

So, if that’s the case, will limiting folks to 20 words work even better?

New Yorker Glenn Porter thinks so, at least when it comes to sounding off about our new president.

Porter is a co-founder (with Michael Raisanen and Sean Vostinar) of a new website, “Excuse Me, Mr. President“, which gives people the chance to shout questions at President Obama (even though he’ll probably never respond, let alone read them).

There’s also a ‘tag cloud’ to show you what subjects are most interesting to people when it comes to our new commander in chief.

“The point is to sort of get the pulse of what’s on America’s mind at any given time,” Porter says. “Ultimately, we’ll be able to see over time, how things shift. And you may see questions that didn’t occur to you and that will drive you toward getting more informed.”

Well, let’s hope that the questions are more a tad more insightful than
the ones you usually get whenever you ask the general public about
national politics. But that’s not to say it won’t be popular. If the
Internet has proven anything, it’s that people love to bloviate.

Some sample questions at Porter’s site:

“Will you hire the people i have to layoff today?”

“Is it time to put all my money into gold and stock up on canned food and guns?”

“Do you think that mr putin needs a good bootin’?”

“Is it just me, or do you too think Rush Limbaugh is taking drugs again?

“How can you give 700B$ to the credit-card industry, which collects 23% (thieves!) in late fees from consumers annually?”

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