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Before the publishing industry completely sells out to the Kindle, it may want to check out photographer Erica Baum’s intriguing new exhibit The Naked Eye for some tips on how to spice up the print medium. Here, Baum (who has also experimented with the outdated library card catalog) zooms in on old paperbacks, with their pages edged in reds, greens, and blues that include slices of cheaply reproduced images of ’70s icons that peek out at the viewer. For instance, a photograph titled Shampoo shows—in between the fanned book pages—the happy surprise of a sexy Goldie Hawn in a scene from the 1975 film Shampoo. That sure makes us want to read on. And on March 15, in the spirit of this bookish show, Kenneth Goldsmith reads from The Weather, his take on an entire year’s worth of one-minute radio weather reports.

March 15-22, 2009

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