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So how is Watchmen, you ask? “Although the ending has been somewhat modified from the novel’s, let it be said that Watchmen doesn’t lack for self-confidence or even entertainment value.” But… well, let J. Hoberman tell it.

Brooklyn Republican state senator Marty Golden “represents the flip side of many of the issues that the mayor has cared most about in office.” At the same time, he’s Bloomberg’s “biggest friend in the Grand Old Party,” and is working overtime to get the mayor on the Republican ballot line this fall. Might it be that Golden’s politics are not wholly guided by principles? Tom Robbins profiles.

What’s a David Byrne concert like these days? Some of it’s “too tentative, too precious, too music-boxy”; some of it’s “completely hedonistic and uninhibited.” Rob Harvilla sums up.

Is Michael Musto fun even when talking about “corporate dinners, upscale cinema festivals, and even museums“? Yes, he is.

And! Robert Sietsema samples “Goth-Mex” at La Superior; Sarah DiGregorio eats Indian in Floral Park; Scott Foundas takes in a Rip Torn retrospective; Melissa Anderson sees lot of new French cinema; Dan Savage answers “Is there something wrong with asking him to taste himself?”; Andy Beta reviews the RVNG dance music catalogue; Jesse Jarnow hears Talibam!; Ezra Gale curates The Daktaris; Michael Feingold sees This Beautiful City, Our Town, and The Winter’s Tale; Alexis Soloski sees That Pretty Pretty; Or, The Rape Play; also, Chautauqua! and Othello; Andy Propst sees Soul Samurai; Martha Schwenderer surveys a show of Lutz Bacher; Deborah Jowitt sees the dances of Paul Taylor; and Gustavo Arellano invites you to Ask a Mexican.

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