Daniel Boulud Hits His Stride in Palm Beach


When Daniel Boulud opened Café Boulud in Palm Beach in 2003, things got off to a “meh” start, but the restaurant has hit its stride and “is finally worthy of the master’s name,” according to Gail Shepherd at our sister publication New Times in Broward-Palm Beach.

Reviewing the restaurant this week, Shepherd notes that chef de cuisine Zach Bell was initially quite young and green when the restaurant opened in 2003. Now he’s come into his own and been a James Beard nominee this year and last. The restaurant also has a new chef patissier and a new sommelier in Matthew Petersen and Jenny Benzie, respectively. “On a couple of recent visits,” Shepherd writes, “it’s clear the entire Boulud experience
is now as starched and polished as the dining room’s tablecloths and
heavy silverware, as refreshed as the splashing fountain in the

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