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Former Staten Island Assistant D.A. Sentenced For Eye-Gouging


Gary DeFilippo used to be an assistant D.A. on Staten Island. He’s been picking up work since then as a lawyer, sometimes working on exotic cases, and as a barroom brawler. In July of 2006 at the South Shore Country Club, he smashed a glass into Mitchell Miller’s eye, damaging it so badly it had to be removed, and ran out of the bar. While in custody DeFelippo roared, “I know D.A. Dan Donovan! I know Tim Koller!” At trial he claimed self-defense, but the jury didn’t go for it. Today DeFilippo was sentenced to three and a half years in prison; he could have gotten up to 25, so maybe he has some friends in high places left after all. DeFilippo is expected to appeal. Mugshot via the Staten Island Advance.



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