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Is Tilda Swinton Still Getting Typed? | Village Voice


Is Tilda Swinton Still Getting Typed?


Tilda Swinton is the brilliant Oscar winner who always seems to get cast as an icy, bitchy, evil wrongdoer. I’ve long hoped movieland would give the woman a break and let her play Mary Poppins for a change–or at least the lion or the wardrobe–but here’s the official description of her latest film, Julia:

    Tilda plays “a middle-aged woman who is manipulative, unreliable, and a compulsive liar. An alcoholic, Julia gets by on nickel-and-dime jobs sandwiched between shots of vodka and one-night stands. Increasingly lonely, her alcohol-induced confusion only reinforces her sense that life has dealt her a losing hand, and her certainty that she is not to blame for the mess she has made of it.” The upshot of it all is that Tilda’s character ends up “allowing her soul to sink to unredeemable depths.”

That sounds darkly fabulous, actually, and I’m sure Tilda will be amazing as usual, but how come when Jane Fonda got to do a movie called Julia, it was about a heroic feminist writer?

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