Recession Bonus: Resys Available Everywhere


As Eater noticed yesterday, for those who can still afford it, New York is a playground of available reservations these days. This morning I got on Open Table to see what was available for tonight, party of two. Every restaurant I checked had availability. Interestingly, several restaurants, like Daniel and Blue Hill, block out the 7pm-8pm times and list them as “restricted by restaurant.” In other words, they may have tables available at that time, but they don’t want to admit it.

So if you’re feeling hungry and spendy today, here are some options.

Blue Hill: 8:30
Daniel: 8:30
Bouley: 8:45
Per Se: 9:00
Le Bernardin: 9:30
Gotham Bar and Grill: 6:30, 10:00
wd-50: 6:30, 9:30
Del Posto: 9:00
Gramercy Tavern: 6:30, 10:00

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