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UPDATE: Gandhi Gear Auction Cancelled! UPDATE: Maybe Not! UPDATE: Gandhi Gear Sold for $1.8M! And Going Back to India


The Times of India says the auction of Gandhi paraphernalia scheduled for this afternoon at Antiquorum has been cancelled. James Otis, the owner of the items, withdrew Gandhi’s glasses, rice bowl, and other personal effects after a talk with the Indian government. It is unknown whether the government acceded to any of Otis’ previous requests that they either spend more on aid to the poor or do a traveling show in exchange for his withdrawal of the items, and there is nothing about this at Antiquorum’s website, though we’re sure they’re pissed about losing this big score. But if you hurry over to the auction on 57th Street, you can probably still score some fancy watches.

Update to update: Antiquorum will auction the items whether Otis likes it or not, says one of our most trusted sources, the Zimbabwe Star. Update cubed: It suddenly occurred to us that we could call Antiquorum ourselves! They say the auction’s still on, and the Gandhi items will be up between 3 and 4 p.m.

Mega-update: Monsters and Critics says the gear has been sold for $1.8 million. You all know the next step: war!

The happy ending: The buyer is Vijay Mallya, chairman of the UB Group, which runs Kingfisher Airlines and United Breweries, and his agent says he “will donate them to India for public display.” Crisis averted!


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