What’s The Best SNL Character Evah?


Saturday Night Live has hit many a rough patch, but it keeps on trucking, like a plane that’s lost half its engines, but still manages to glide. And for decades it’s given us some priceless jewels of comic characterization, reaching some kind of giddy high watermark with Tina Fey‘s impression of saucy Sarah Palin last year, which was much more watchable than Palin herself.

So what’s the best SNL character ever foisted on the masses? Which one had the most texture, wit, and pound-for-pound guffaw value?

In random order, your riotous choices include:

Wayne and Garth (“Schwing!”)

Church Lady (“Well, isn’t that special?”)

Fernando (“You look mahvelous!”)

Stuart Smalley (“I’m good enough…”)

Pat (A chick with a dick? We’re still not sure.)

The Coneheads (“I summon you”)

Emily Litella (“Never mind.”)

Debbie Downer (My personal favorite. Duh.)

Anything by Kristen Wiig (They’re all neurotically needy and amusing.)

And of course the immortal Toonces the Driving Cat.


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