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Why Do So Many Churchgoers Like To Hate?


I haven’t been to church since my voice changed, and that’s mainly because Roman Catholicism teaches that gays should be loved and adored, but promptly sent to hell. I long ago figured I probably shouldn’t be part of an institution that thinks I’m a second-class citizen. But beyond that hot-button issue, some of the churchgoing people I’ve met often spew hateful rhetoric against ALL minorities, and I can’t figure out what prompts such a disparity between what they preach and what they do.

For example, a lady in my old neighborhood is so disturbed that Obama became President that she openly admits to ripping up any picture of him that she sees and tossing it into the trash, sort of like Joan Crawford did with photos of her ex husbands. She also talks on a regular basis about immigrants and how they are fucking up the whole country with their ignorance and hygiene–this in between volunteering for the local church, lighting candles at mass, and acting all saintly and shit.

Other devout types I’ve met are backstabbing, unsupportive, hateful, and dismissive of any lesson taught by the bible except the ones they can twist into tools of oppression. So why do some people who go to love-preaching services every Sunday come out so bitter? Do they not listen? Are they wilfully misinterpreting Christ’s teachings? Or are they just morons?

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