American Idol: Blind Guy Scott MacIntyre Can Take a Joke


For the record, Scott MacIntyre, whom I’ve lovingly referred to as “Blind Guy,” does indeed have a sense of humor about his disability. From a transcript of an interview Scott did on a phone conference yesterday, here he is talking about the high-five with Ryan that he repeated on the show the other night:

    Because everyone may be wondering about this anyways, but you know it’s I’m the last person that would ever be offended by that. And I thought it was so funny because that’s happened to me my whole life and people try to wave to me and I don’t see it.

    Or they try to high five me or they try to you know give me a – I had one guy try to give me a fist pound one time back in AZ and he tried for like five minutes – it was in a loud place – before I – you know not five minutes, but before I realized what he was doing.

    And you know I love Ryan. He’s an awesome guy and he actually did the right thing and he grabbed my hand and he did it again you know.

    And so I thought everyone would be wondering about it so I just had to return the favor.

And on learning choreography for the show:

    But you know sometimes it just takes someone you know showing me the steps and as long as I know that I’m not going to fall off the stage then I’m good. And that’s a joke of course.

By the way, that hot guy that helps Scott around the stage is his brother. So if Blind Guy advancing along through finals just because of your pity vote means we get to see more of Brother MacIntyre, then I’ll live. But Scott’s disability shouldn’t give him an advantage or a disadvantage in the quest for the title of American Idol VIII–this is a singing contest, people. So I won’t not make fun of Scott for potentially falling of the stage–and I think Blind Guy would be in agreement with me on that.

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