Good Stuff: Nicky’s Pho


When I woke up this morning, my ongoing sniffle had increased to a full-on sinus infection/cold. I decided only pho could save me. Sadly, I’ve been unable to find any pho near me in Fort Greene. The closest thing is Nicky’s Sandwiches (311 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn) in Cobble Hill. I don’t find their bahn mi as tasty as the nearby Hanco’s (85 Bergen Street, Brooklyn), but they have pho whereas Hanco’s doesn’t. At $8, it’s more than you’ll pay in Chinatown, but not bad considering it’s a pretty big bowl of pho. If I eat-in, I oftentimes find myself only able to eat half and asking them to pack it up for home. Then, they’ll kindly add a bunch more broth to your leftovers, making for not one but two meals for $8 (exciting!). And really, it’s all about the broth. The man behind the counter told me that the beef broth (which comes with whatever meat you order) takes seven hours to make. Its warm, beefy, salty deliciousness goes really well with Sudafed. Plus, they’re pretty generous with the bean sprouts and cilantro, as well as with the slices of beef and tendon.


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