Goofy Drummer Defies Label, Keeps Air-Drumming Video Up


Apparently this balding, office-worker-looking guy is really into grrr-metal band Suffocation, and made a video of himself playing drum-pads along with their tune “Infecting the Crypts” and pulling many amusing faces and show-drummer moves. He put it on YouTube, where it drew tons of viewers; Warner Music Group found out and had the video pulled. The drum guy defiantly keeps a version at his own site, and posts his self-defense: “I’m proud of the video. And I’ve heard that the band likes it too. I think it’s in the label’s best interest to keep this video online. If they hired someone to make a music video for this song, it probably wouldn’t have received so many views.” (You can see Suffocation play the tune here but it’s nowhere near as much fun.) He asks WMG to license the song to him so he can keep spreading Suffocation’s fame with “the most popular death metal music video in history.” They’d be wise to listen; as we’ve said before, you only know you’ve hit it big when people want to be you. (h/t Swarm.)


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