Is Sondheim Too Nice?


Broadway legend Stephen Sondheim is such a genius that he can afford to be a horrible, withering creep, sort of like Jerome Robbins was. But as it turns out, he’s totally agreeable, sometimes too much so, especially with regard to his own work.

After all, just so as not to be labeled a primadonna, Sondheim has…

*Approved various personalized rewordings of some of his lyrics, occasionally even supplying them himself

*Given a go-ahead to Putting It Together, that laborious jukebox musical that tried to construct a plot out of his songs chosen seemingly at random

*Sat in on tests for the Sweeney Todd movie and decided the director’s wife was the best one for her role. (She was fine, mind you, but the best one?)

And most recently..

*Allowed Spanish translations of some of his already flawless, intricate, and character-perfect lyrics for West Side Story

Anybody agree with me that sometimes Steve might be too nice for his own good?

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