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New York Named Least Manly City


The compulsive listmakers at Sperling’s Best Places have come up with “America’s Manliest Cities.” The #1 butchtown is Nashville, and at the bottom of the list of 50 towns is New York. Nashville took the warm, sticky crown with “its high number of NASCAR enthusiasts” and “popularity of hunting and fishing and concentration of BBQ restaurants.” New York was docked for low scores in the “fishing,” “home improvement” and “drag racing” categories and, we assume, detrimentally high scores in the “knowing how to read” and “using a Kleenex to blow your nose” categories. Though fun fodder for local rivalries (“Study: Pittsburgh More ‘Manly’ Than Philly” says Pittsburgh’s WPXI), the rankings were developed as a promotion for Combos (“Man’s Favorite Cheese-Filled Snack”) and its Ultimate Man Zone Sweepstakes, and have no more authority than a Jeff Foxworthy routine. Nonetheless we invite Combos’ marketing specialists who conceived the list to announce their results in, say, East New York or Flatbush, after which they can defend their findings in a spirited exchange. Photo (cc) The G-tastic 7.


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