Secret Science Club Gets Some Love


The Christian Science Monitor calls it “a nightclub for nerds,” but that’s sort of a rave for Brooklyn’s Secret Science Club, which for years has been making science talks fun. One mailing for an astrophysics lecture, for example, was headlined, “Strap on your rocket pack! The Secret Science Club is heading for the edge of time and space” and promised “space-age tunes and video in Union Hall’s subterranean grotto… and try our Interplanetary Punch.” Two of the founders are natural history writers with a sense of humor, and the third, Dorian Devins, was a talk-shot host on WFMU before catching the science bug. We learn from the Monitor that science cafes are a thing: “Today, 80 to 90 operate around the country.” The science is apparently sound, too: recent SSC lecturer Dr. David Spergel says his crowd at the Club was “much younger and more diverse” than he usually finds; “there’s a lot of energy in the room. They ask lots of questions — some very sophisticated questions. The whole feel is different.”

Very interesting. Hatred of hipsters is universal, and nerds — not to mention evangelical Christians — are becoming sort of alterna-hip. Why did we spend 20 years wearing black clothes? It’s time to apply to MIT and get some lab cred.



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