SI Advance Gets Results! Robber Sees Photo, Turns Himself In


We are fond of the Staten Island Advance, and congratulate the paper on its latest public service: its publication (and that of other “media outlets,” the Advance graciously acknowleges) of a surveillance photo from a Wednesday gas station robbery has provoked the the robber to surrender. His sister was surfing the internet when she saw the photo of Gilbert Caraballo, sticking up a cashier by pretending to have a knife; she then called her brother “to ask if he had robbed anyone.” After he checked out his clippings at the Advance and NY1, Caraballo went to the cops. “I feel like [garbage] about the robbery,” he says, “so I had to turn myself in.” An Advance reader speculates that Caraballo confessed because “he couldn’t take all the commenters calling him super mario.” NYPD photo via the Advance.


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