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Week in Review: You Can’t Rush My Stimulus Baby! | Village Voice


Week in Review: You Can’t Rush My Stimulus Baby!


In the week the word Ickitt became noun, verb, adjective, and baby, we dodged Watchmen hype, welcomed the Roots’ newest member, Jimmy Fallon, and tried desperately to forget the details of the Rihanna/Chris Brown police report.

Broadway Jimmy Jones got his animated gif. An ailing Michael Steele vowed to continue using the phrase hip-hop, to the horror of soldiers on both sides. David Byrne fought nearly 30-year-old charges of “cultural imperialism,” and No Age played a nearly 30-year-old song with Bob Mould. Grizzly Bear and Final Fantasy got orchestral at BAM, while Raekwon went hard in Staten Island.

Sonic Youth premiered their new record, sort of. Nachtmystium were branded Nazis and forced to not play a car festival. The Mountain Goats were made to look something like the second coming, and even Tobias Wolff bought the hype. Being MGMT is easy, it turns out, and being Russell Simmons is mostly a matter of endless ubiquity.

On American Idol, we made fun of a blind guy, who we’re pretty sure can take it. The City got even more insipid, while on Real World Brooklyn, Katelynn engaged in some deep self-probing.

Willie Geist returned to SOTC, and so did Zadie Smith, in a kind of nerdy way. The art world ran smack into ponzi titan R. Allen Stanford, who took everyone’s gold; meanwhile, in another, darker part of town, Big City Philadelphia taught us how to rob an industry hipster.

We said goodbye to sci-fi writer Philip José Farmer, and mourned the too-short career of Martin Kippenberger, the man who was both tank and gnome. After a few drinks, so are we. Back on Monday.

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