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A-Rod to Have Surgery After All (UPDATE: Surgery Done!) | Village Voice


A-Rod to Have Surgery After All (UPDATE: Surgery Done!)


The Yankees, who announced last week that Alex Rodriguez would not have surgery to repair his labrum tear, now announce that A-Rod will have surgery, but only of the most conservative, arthroscopic kind, to “stabilize” the labrum, his doctor says, and repair (i.e., scrape-‘n’-shape) cartilage in his hip. He is expected to be out for six to nine weeks. Yankees GM says the surgery “is what [A-Rod] wants to do.” Cody Ransom will fill in for Rodriguez at third base meanwhile.

MLB Fanhouse says it’s “fair to draw the line between the hysteria the Yankees are dealing with this spring and what happened five seasons ago, when they were caught off guard by [Jason] Giambi’s health issues… George Steinbrenner took a shine to sluggers with massive muscles and personalities to match, and gave Giambi a contract worth $120 million, an albatross the Yankees never could shake… The Boss’ sons control the wands now, with Hank and Hal lusting after the same shiny stars. Rodriguez has been plenty durable over the years but if his body starts breaking down at age 33, the Yankees can only imagine what life will be like when he is pushing 40 and he’s still on the books.”

Update: Surgery is complete, docs say it “went exactly as we had planned.” Six-to-nine week recovery still expected.


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