Abe Lincoln Was Gay!


Abraham Lincoln not only freed the slaves, it turns out he was a fabulous cocksucker! Gay legend Larry Kramer will report that interesting tidbit in his upcoming book The American People: A History, which is determined to turn the White House into a lavender mansion while adding the AC to DC. And that’s not all–Kramer also says that Lincoln loved Speed! I’m talking about Joshua Speed, the shopkeeper who was the love of his life, far more than silly little homebody Mary Todd ever was.

And–the revelations keep coming–George Washington was gay too and no doubt had kinky adventures with his musty dentures! According to Kramer–as told to columnist Richard Burnett–our first Prez was really in love with Alexander Hamilton, which helped define the tone of our entire nation. By the end of the book, you might start thinking that Bill Clinton was the only straight to ever enter the Oral, I mean Oval office.

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