Are Brangelina Automatons?


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are so beautiful they look like some kind of constantly polished Renaissance sculpture, completing each others’ features in a way that makes them into one sumptuous being known simply as Brangelina. But might the fame game be getting to these conjoined icons just a teeny bit? At the Oscars recently, didn’t they look a little like windup dolls who smiled on command, but in a rather hollow way that suggested they were holding up the weight of the entire world? Is it because they DO try to change the world, in between making award grabbing movies, walking red carpets, and tending to their brood of many nations? Are they beginning to tire of the impossible burden of being world famous, socially conscious, AND well groomed? Or is it because they’re both so perfect that they don’t actually have much to say to each other with their luscious mouths?

I worry for Brangelina. If they are indeed automatons, I think it’s crucial that someone check their battery and see if it needs recharging!

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