Lorne Michaels’ Stalker Alleges Thought-Theft, Gets Off Easy


Last summer Evans Pidhajecky, an aspiring comedy writer from Oyster Bay, Long Island, became convinced that “Saturday Night Live” producer Lorne Michaels was stealing his material. To make matters worse, he thought Michaels was stealing them directly from his brain, telepathically — and, E! online reported, attempted several times to discuss the matter with him at Michaels’ home and workplace. Michael got fed up and had him arrested. Pidhajecky’s lawyer argued that “Just because you’re Lorne Michaels doesn’t mean nobody can get in touch with you.” Judge Robert Mandelbaum must have found the argument compelling, because he has let Pidhajecky off light. Pidhajecky is to see a shrink twice a week for six months — during which time the case will be sealed — and stay away from Michaels. It has not been revealed which ideas Michaels is alleged to have stolen, but they can hardly have been worth all the trouble. Photo via

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