“New York Will Go Down In Flames!” Says Debbie-Downer Pastor


The Times Square Church sounds like an oxymoron–sort of like “L.A. style” or “army intelligence”–and yet there really is such a thing, complete with a pastor who’s full of gloomy statements designed to make you want to stay in bed even longer than “Half-Ton Mom” on TLC. The guy’s predicting all kinds of woeful and depressing shit that will further diminish our troubled culture. No, not an Oscar for Heath Ledger–that already happened–but lots of fires and looting and rioting throughout New York and in fact, in major cities all over the world! And he got this personally from the Holy Spirit, which feels we’re all about to suffer the brunt of God’s wrath! For what–cashing in our stock portfolios?

What this preachy prognosticator doesn’t seem to realize is that New Yorkers already GOT hit with a colossal disaster, way back in 2001, and I stlll shudder and cry just thinking about it: It was the opening of Mamma Mia! on Broadway.