Strange Snacks: Keo Me Xung Hue


While grabbing pho at Nicky’s  (311 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn) the other day, I impulse bought this Sesame Soft Candy (Keo Me Xung Hue) from Vietnam. I’m a sucker for anything with sesame. At first taste, I can’t say I was totally thrilled with the purchase. My eyes think they should taste caramel-y, but they don’t. They’re made simply from sesame, peanut, sugar, tapioca starch, and maltose; and they taste as such. That said, they’re growing on me, purely for textual reasons. Their flat chewiness that’s coated in sesame seeds does have a nice feel to it, and I like that they’re not too sweet. They go pretty well with a cup of tea or coffee.


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