Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: The Answer’s “Demon Eyes”


Last week’s prediction: Still can’t believe this is what broke my streak of not seeing the new 90210.

Hmm–oddly appealing compact Black Crowes boogie from four Irish dudes who do their damnest to look like Led Zep in press photos. Not a popular pick in the iTunesiverse: “Like an outdated headbangers ball type of song”; “One word – ‘Genero-rock’. Or is that two?”; “That was the worst song I’ve ever listened to,” and so on. Shockingly, Grey’s Anatomy-bait and bad rap does much, much better with the online cognoscenti, cementing my hard-earned impression that the primary constituency over there is a 17-year-old boy/girl who’s full of rage.

The little in-house squib brags of a “vicious guitar solo played by a long-haired guitarist,” but at very least The Answer are on the far side of the pre/post-MC5 split, meaning the whole production’s pretty lean; hopefully they’re cold-hearted, women-hating classic rock dudes, and not the flowery kind. I feel as weird about liking this song as you do, but there you go.

Next week’s prediction: Nothing like this again, unless iTunes wants a revolt.

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