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Aqueduct “Racino” Deal Falls Through | Village Voice


Aqueduct “Racino” Deal Falls Through


The state’s been counting on a proposed casino at Aqueduct Raceway — or, as the board of horrible neologisms dubbed it, a “racino” — but it appears the deal is off. Delaware North, the Buffalo company that Albany picked back in October to handle the project, now says it doesn’t have the $370 million it was scheduled to pay the state for the privilege of running the money shop. They’re saying, as people involved with gambling often do, that they can get the money if they can just have a little more time. The state will almost certainly break their legs, so to speak, and do a re-bid, meaning Albany will lose the $370 extra-large and the $365 million a year income stream the state expects to make off this sucker mill will be delayed, an unpleasant thought so close to budget time. We warned them not to get mixed up with those horse-race people. Look what happened the last time.


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