Cops, Others Mourn Loss of K-Rock


The news that WXRK, aka K-Rock, the preeminent local FM generator of legacy or “classic” rock, is switching to a top-40 pop format is headlined thus by EV Grieve: “New York commercial radio to somehow manage to become even suckier.” Greybeards throughout the greater metro area will certainly be crying into their Geritol at the news. “UGH!” says thevirtualjim. “This is so they can compete with crappy Z-100!” Cops and cop fans at Thee Rant are taking it hard in three separate threads. “They were just starting to play some good sh1t!!!!!!!!!” says PoHairBag. “Its gonna be a lng midnight without K-Rock.” “One of only two decent hard rock stations left in this liberal city,” bemoans WhiteDevil, “and they are changing the format to this Top 40 ‘Jonas brothers’ bvllshit !!” The station’s webpage still looks K-Rockin’, with a featured video by 3 Doors Down and an ad for Miss March, and is at this writing playing Van Halen, but expect that to change to Beyonce and Race to Witch Mountain soon. On the bright side, this means an end to Opie and Anthony, who are moving to XM.



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