Leaks Will Make New South Ferry Station Even More Environmental


It has long been established that our subways are more environmentally sound than the petrol-intensive commuting devices of our suburban brethren. In fact, the environment loves the rusticated new South Ferry station — with its tree silhouettes and mounted fragments of the old stone Battery seawall — so much that it is trying to get inside it. At least that’s the most charitable interpretation of amNY‘s report that much groundwater is expected to make an appearance in the station, which is scheduled to open Monday. Apparently an engineer’s examination found “severe water leaks behind the walls and in its subway tunnel that cannot be fixed.” MTA workers are caulking, but the problem is said to surpass what caulk may staunch, so those luxurious longer platforms that $530 million bought us will also be wetter, at least while they’re still standing: the leaks could cause permanent damage. Photo (cc) BenYankee.