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Pix from Mustang Thakali Kitchen | Village Voice


Pix from Mustang Thakali Kitchen


This week, Counter Culture rolls into Mustang Thakali Kitchen in Jackson Heights, an amazing new restaurant with a pan-Himalayan menu, though one also specializing in the Mustang region of Nepal, up near the border with Tibet. Though there’s plenty of lamb and chicken, and many vegetarian dishes, the starches stand at the center of many of the thali-based meals.

Bhatmas chiura is a salad of small toasted soybeans, with a whomp of cilantro, purple onions, and chiles. A pile of beaten rice arrives on the side.

The starchy steamed buns called ting momo come covered with mountain ridges.

Mutton fry is a meat-lover’s delight.

Perhaps the most amazing starch of all is the poodle of whipped and kneaded buckwheat flour known as yohsi.

Our crew one evening.

And, finally, the scary kids who forced us to run past the window of the sari shop. (Click to freak yourself out.)

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