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Purim Parties On, With Madonna and Others


The festivities of Purim, to which we were only recently introduced, proceed apace. Out on Eastern Parkway by the Chabad-Lubavitch HQ, folks are celebrating in costume — and last night Madonna did, too, arriving at the New York Kabbalah Center’s shindig dressed as… well, we’re not sure: Ric Ocasek? advises revelers, “Don’t let the Police Spoil your Purim.” They say “the NYPD has been extremely over zealous with issuing parking summonses and bike summonses. In the past they targeted Jews in the most vicious manner on one of the happiest of holidays.” Anti-semites! Park carefully, O Sons and Daughters of Israel, and have a designated driver. Time Out New York has a rundown of local Purim parties including a Purim Tea Dance at Splash Bar. L’chaim, all. Photo via Gossip Girls.


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