Shouldn’t Straight Celebs’ Sexuality Be Protected Too?


There’s still a feeling among certain sectors that if a star is gay, it’s in the height of bad taste to actually say that in print or even online. “Live and let live,” “Leave them alone,” and “Don’t invade their privacy!” screams the antsy brigade any time people like me dare to go there again and again.

As a commenter said in response to one of my recent celebrity outing posts, “How sad this is. That you take a brilliant man and try to bring attention to his sexuality. Live and let live.” (You knew that last part was coming.)

So why shouldn’t the same delicate sensitivity be applied to straight celebs? If you profess not to care about stars’ sex lives, shouldn’t you turn your head whenever you see a mention of Brangelina? Whenever a tabloid writes about Reese and Jake, shouldn’t you start screaming that it’s the height of viciousness while running like the dickens in the other direction?

And shouldn’t we plug up our ears whenever Ben Affleck talks about…no, I don’t even want to mention his or her name because I might be outing the couple as straight, I mean as whatever, and I think that’s very sad and hurtful. Leave the straight stars alone! Lie and let lie!

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