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The Stupid Cooking Gadget You Can’t Do Without | Village Voice


The Stupid Cooking Gadget You Can’t Do Without


Do you have a stupid cooking gadget that you love anyway? I do–my onion goggles.

If I saw the goggles in a store, I’d probably laugh and think that people are just looking to throw money away. But the truth is, on any given Wednesday night, you’ll find me in the kitchen, freakish pink goggles in place, happily slicing bushels of onions without tears. They work because the foam lining keeps them fairly air-tight but comfortable. (Without the goggles, I end up completely blind, with tears and snot dripping down my chin, which does not go over well in cooking school, or anywhere, really.)

Do you have a similarly embarrassing beloved kitchen tool? It’s okay, you can tell us.

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