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‘This Is Why You’re Fat’ Looking for Book Deal | Village Voice


‘This Is Why You’re Fat’ Looking for Book Deal


A lit agent is shopping around a book proposal for an offline version of the popular website This Is Why You’re Fat.
[Eat Me Daily]

McDonald’s President and COO Ralph Alvarez says it’s a misnomer that the company is doing well because of the economic downturn; McD’s is preparing for a challenging year.

In his new book, A Pint of Plain, Bill Barich explores Irish pub culture.
[NY Times]

In the wake of the recent salmonella outbreak in peanut butter, the FDA is seeking a rapid test for salmonella. Conventional lab methods now take as long as nine days to identify the bacteria.

Chef Grant Achatz is on Oprah today discussing patient advocacy in cancer care.
[Chicago Tribune] [Updated]

Martha Stewart’s chow puppy was one of of 17 dogs killed in a kennel explosion last week.
[NY Daily News]


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