Billyburg Depression Chic Reminds Us of Earlier Stupid Fad


The W slideshow about kids in Williamsburg dressing in “Recession Fashion” — described in the text as “vests and newsboy caps,” but shown to include floral headpieces, suspenders, and vintage dresses — reminds us of nothing so much as the brief vogue 35 years ago for modified 20’s-wear inspired by the 70s remake of The Great Gatsby, Bonnie and Clyde, Paper Moon, The Sting, and cocaine, tons and tons of cocaine and the impression it gave some New Hollywood toffs and other creatives that they were of another time, new Thalbergs or Dorothy Parkers or whatever. There were not, of course, and these kids are not suffering any depression, new or otherwise, that Zoloft could not handle if they can afford to play dress-up like this. But we would like to know what drugs are involved this time around.



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