Bong Hits For Food Banks



Just like the old saying goes: One man’s overly publicized bong hit is another man’s boon.

The San Francisco Food Bank, an organization that collects food donations and distributes them to hundreds of community food programs, recently received an amusing windfall: Two tons of Kellogg’s Cornflakes and Frosted Flakes in boxes bearing the butterface likeness of one Michael Phelps.

Last month, Kellogg’s announced it would not be renewing Phelps’ endorsement contract after a picture of him smoking marijuana was published in a British tabloid. Other companies that Phelps had endorsement deals with like Speedo and Subway were willing to give him another chance, the latter perhaps recognizing their customers’ own proclivities.

Kellogg’s is keeping mum about how the food bank ended up with two tons of cereal, but SF Food Bank executive director Paul Ash says cereal is typically a hard item for them to get. However, Ash says “We do regularly see products with packages that are no longer desirable.” Draw your own conclusions.

Ash adds that the boxes have “flown off the shelves.” Maybe Kellogg’s should think about giving Phelps another chance. Marijuana and a sugary cereal with a tiger mascot hardly need be mutually exclusive.
[The San Francisco Chronicle]

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