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Carrion Admits He Has Yet to Pay His Architect


We should all be so lucky.

Adolfo Carrion acknowledged yesterday to the Daily News that he has yet to pay the architect who started working on plans for the ex-Bronx Beep’s sweet Victorian pad on City Island back in 2006.

The reason? The architect has yet to submit his “final survey,” Carrion told the News.

Carrion, who started work last week as the new urban policy czar for the Obama White House, said he expects to pay architect Hugo Subotovksy $3,627.50 for a total of 51.5 hours of work. That works out to a very reasonable $71 an hour.

Carrion said this patient attitude towards his bill was the architect’s “standard practice.” The News said Subotovsky didn’t return calls.

Carrion’s admission came one day after the News team of Greg Smith and Robert Gearty reported that Subotovsky was part of a development crew that won approvals from Carrion. Carrion okayed the project, Boricua Village, at the same time that the architect was working on plans to add a deck to Carrion’s home.



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