Fork in the Road at La Fonda del Sol


This week, I review La Fonda del Sol, the new incarnation of the legendary 60s pan-Latin restaurant now open in the midtown Met Life building. Josh DeChellis is in the kitchen, and the new version of the restaurant serves Spanish food: mains and tapas in the dining room, solely tapas in the large bar area.

The bar looks like a more appealing spin on an office cafeteria: checkered floors and plastic furniture, while the dining room is carpeted and tableclothed. There’s a big price difference, too: mains in the dining room run up to $38, while tapas in the bar go $4-$12.

These two seating areas are so different that they really seem like two entirely different restaurants, and I prefer the bar–the price point and attitude just seems more appropriate right now. I appreciated that it was lively, too, but most of all, I thought the tapas were bright, skillful and delicious, while something about the main courses, like lamb loin with a pepita crust, seemed staid and impersonal.

If you go, don’t miss the short rib, which is braised in red wine and then scattered with little spheres of pomegranate juice that look just like pomegranate seeds, but without the seedy crunch. I also loved the whole fried shrimp.

Interestingly, in her review, the Daily News‘ Restaurant Girl had the opposite reaction.

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La Fonda del Sol
200 Park Avenue 212-867-6767


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