Governor Abandons Soda Tax, iPod Tax, and Other Weird Taxes


Apparently Governor Paterson is giving up on that whole tax-everything thing, or at least part of it. At a press conference Paterson joined Sheldon Silver and Malcolm Smith and opened with what we hope was a joke: “The Majority Leader and the Assembly Speaker and I have good news. That news is that we have been able to relieve $1.3 billion in taxes.” He can’t really think climbing down from his recently proposed taxes on music downloads, soda, haircuts and a hundred other things can be portrayed as a victory, can he? Nonetheless it’s a relief, and would be more of one if he had stated comprehensively that all the “nuisance taxes” he proposed in December were going away for good. While he’s at it, he could assure us that his health officials aren’t still looking at pizza and cheeseburger taxes.