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International Fugitive Found Cleaning Boats on Staten Island


Have we told you lately that we love the Staten Island Advance? This is from one of this morning’s stories, headlined “Police chase suspect through Staten Island cemetery“: “It’s unknown at this time what crime the person committed, but there’s a lot of police activity in the area.” And occasionally the Forgotten Borough is the site of big doings. Last night immigration and customs officials found there international fugitive Liberio Andrew Gonzalez, the murderous erstwhile head of a big Mexican kidnapping ring. Gonzalez, who had once commanded six-figure ransoms, had been living in a $400 apartment in Rosebank under the name Jose Matos, and sustained himself by cleaning boats. “He just lived upstairs with us,” his landlord told the Advance. “We really did not know.” Also in this edition: today’s lowest gas price on Staten Island. Photo (cc) IkonikPhoto.



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