At age 50, Morrissey looks more than ever like a hairdresser from Queens, yet 2009’s Year Of Refusal channels the same adolescent angst that made listening to the Smiths on prom night so much fun. There’s the hyperdramatic plea to never love again (“I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris”), the embittered call-out to all the haters (“Sorry Doesn’t Help”), and a scathing evaluation of his mid-point career (“You Were Good In Your Time”). While one wonders when the Mozzer’s pompadour and circumstance will eventually wear thin (can Morrissey rock Morrissey at 60?), one thing’s for certain: we hate it when our friends become successful, but we’re glad when they remain exactly the same. With the Courteeners.

Sat., March 21, 8 p.m., 2009