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On Young Dro’s “Clean With It” | Village Voice


On Young Dro’s “Clean With It”


We may well be the only people out there riding unconditionally for Young Dro and Yung LA’s Black Boy White Boy, but we have our reasons. Call it Gosford Park trap music, or point out, as we once did, that “Woah” was basically what “Swagger Like Us” would’ve sounded like if those four dudes weren’t afraid to seem gay. 1000TimesYes gave that tape a 7! (After repeated prodding!)

But sure, Dro’s association with Yung LA, a high-voiced man who spends life desperately in fear of somebody ripping off his mohawk/spiked-bracelet ensemble, has probably not helped this once and former T.I. protégé. “Clean With It” might–a wobbly, phaser-light-show alien-noise track from Grand Hustle duo Two Band Geeks certainly helps; so does the fact that Dro sounds a lot more comfortable in a studio that doesn’t offer the possibility of LA sneaking up behind him and singing lispily into his ear. Whatever it is, it’s working.

Young Dro, “Clean With It” [via Nah Right]

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